La Girafe Verte

La Girafe Verte

La Girafe Verte is our declaration of love to Mother Nature :

  • Crispy, tasteful, delicate,
  • La Girafe Verte contains
  • 100% of Bio wine
  • 100% of love for nature
  • 100% of delight

La Girafe Verte is a Côtes de Provence rosé Wine, It‘s a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, vinified in a natural way.

Besides of being 100% ecological, our Giraffe has limited to the maximun its impact on the environment: cases are made from recycling paper, bottles with a light glass Eco-designed, caps are recyclable.

We are Ecological by conviction and passion.

Our engagement with Mother Nature is totally altruist.

Then...Go Green!!!

La Girafe Verte
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